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Project Uplift

We envision individuals who rise above social disadvantage, economic barriers, personal obstacles to realize their best selves and become proactive leaders in their communities.

We are a not-for-profitĀ that hasĀ been serving the Tampa Bay community since 1995 !

Our website is Projectuplift.net


Mission Statement

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Solar Now is dedicate to the the full utilization of Florida’s most important resource, the Sun.

We will:
1. Support and promote Florida’s solar amendment in the 2016 referendum:
– educate Floridians about the referendum and its issues
– inform Floridians about the benefits currently enjoyed by other states with similar programs
– encourage participation in the referendum

2. Promote solar energy use to the diversity of groups within the state:
– educate the public about the costs and benefits of solar energy
– provide the latest information on solar energy for consumer and industrial applications
– develop sustainable business models
– establish programs in marketing, fundraising, community activism and volunteerism

3. Establish local, national and international networks to increase awareness and availability of solar power.